an article about existential crises.

The fact or state of living or having objective reality.


As humans, we struggle to comprehend extremely huge amounts of anything. Take Space for example; imagine the sky and realise that it is in fact, never ending. Difficulty and discomfort lays in the fact that there is nothing physical we can compare it to and, as humans, we do that a lot. We relentlessly use the tool of comparison to determine which situation or outcome will benefit better than the alternative.

It has been estimated that for every grain of sand on Earth, there are 100,000 stars in the Universe. That truly is an incomparable concept.

In my opinion, an existential crisis occurs when you become lost in the world and fail to see what’s right in front of you; or so not busy that you see too much and miss the bigger picture. In both of these situations you should just step back, take a deep breath. You’re just too close to the painting to see it all. You see the intricate brush strokes that form the picture. You see the mixture of colours and emotions within the piece – but you have no idea what it is really about. Art is the same as life because no matter how you interpret the masterpiece right in front of you, there’s no wrong answers.

Don’t panic. Past thoughts, actions and emotions have all lead to this point. You’re not confused; in fact you’re completely the opposite. During this ‘crisis’ you’re mind is heightened to an incomprehensible point, a point where you realise reality. The structural functionalism of the world as an organism is terrifyingly beautiful. It’s not a grotesque thought to feel oppressed by the world in its entirety.

7,500,000,000 people exist on this planet,

All live individual lives,

All just as important as the next. 

So understand; the world is about you. It’s yours. The people who come into your life are there for a reason; whether to teach you something or to give you an experience you need. This applies to everyone. This doesn’t mean your path isn’t your own, in fact it gives you full control.

It has become the mantra of many – but it couldn’t be more true. The world is what you make it.

Existence is a hard concept to comprehend. It is defined as “continued survival” but really it is so much more than that. An existential crisis is a place you put yourself. A place you put yourself when the world seems like a huge machine, constantly changing and replacing parts faster than you can keep up with. You start to feel like a part who’s only function is to serve the endless rut of the day-to-day monotony of the world. You shrink among the mass. You feel small. You understand the world is so big and that there is a grand scheme in which everything MUST work; but you shouldn’t.


I say this because, the truth is, we don’t need to try and comprehend everything that happens. Making sense of the world is not the reason we’re here. So many advances are happening in our generation and that provokes us to make our own sense of the world, but by doing this we’re taking away the adventure. We need to experience things. We need to find ourselves. Defining who you are is part of deciding where you want to be. Everyone has time. Wisely using it is the hardest challenge of all.

If you’re reading this then you are in fact:

Alive. Breathing. Relevant. 

A crisis makes you realise that there is a hole in your head – but that’s okay, everyone has one.

You were born with a hole, just like everyone else. But it is not in fact the same hole as you once thought. It’s space. Space provided for optional fulfilment. A canvas for long nights watching shite 90s action films. For camping under the stars. For being creative. For people you relate to. For endless love. For sunny days. For smiling. For sex. For whatever the hell you want because it is your hole and there is no machine. There’s just people who get by. Fill the hole.


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