Kofee Atah: Two E’s One T

Words and interview by Isaac Javier

No-Abbot(t) favourite, Kofee Atah, returns with Two E’s One T; his first project this year, in what seems to be a promising one for the Columbus native. This one in particular sticks true to his traditional sound, a fusion of hip-hop and neo-soul and, of course, the feels. “super in my feels” as he describes Two E’s One T. With his unique vocals, lyrics, and beautiful jarring hooks, Kofee drowns the listener twenty thousand leagues deep as he bears his heart in this six-track stunner. Two E’s One T touches on the subject matters of love, heartbreak, insecurities, and change. Food for the soul brought to you by Kofee Atah. We caught up with the man himself to talk about the EP, the inspirations behind it, and the future. Have a listen to the EP too while you’re at it:


Isaac Javier: So, “Two E’s One T” – care to shed some light on the EP name?

Kofee Atah: Yea, my real name is Kofi Osae-Attah, my stage name is Kofee Atah. So it’s basically just me explaining the differences between my real name and my stage name.

IJ: Describe Two E’s One T to us.

KA: A lot of the work I did on this project was about one girl who I had really fallen for. I had a lot of mixed feelings and confusion over it so I wanted my music to portray that, not only lyrically but in the instrumentals as well. So I used a lot of beats with chords that didn’t seem to quite fit, or beats that are very non traditional to hip hop.

IJ: That’s some tough stuff man, not a lot of artists nowadays like to express emotion and vulnerability in their music. What does being different mean to you?

KA: Being different means knowing what about you makes you unique, and using that power to help other people find out what makes themselves unique.

IJ: “If there’s a man I was meant to be, may he rest in peace, I know I’ve changed.” Can you talk us through that hook?

KA: Yea that’s one that really meant a lot to me, I realized that I’m not who I used to be, I used to be a lot more light-hearted than I am now (not saying I’m a dark soul). But I’m older I guess it’s my way of saying that.

IJ: So change is indeed one of the main themes of a he lyrics and music of this EP. What other influences helped make Two E’s One T

KA: I got influenced a lot by TLOP and a lot of Tyler, the Creator. The song with Kali Uchis inspired me a bunch for the project.

IJ: What did you think of TLOP?

KA: I absolutely loved TLOP, Kanye is my biggest inspiration, and I feel like he created a sub-genre with that album.

IJ: You were straight up rapping quite a bit in this, something you rarely did in your previous tracks. How come?

KA: And I was rapping a lot more cause I felt like I could say more that way. I had a lot to say and sometimes singing doesn’t always cut it.

IJ: What’s after this mixtape then?

KA: Well part two [Two E’s One T was initially a two part project] is evolving into something a lot bigger, so I can’t see that dropping anytime soon, or even being called part two haha. But there is a little project that’ll come out this summer!

IJ: Can you give us a little insight to this new project?

KA: Yea it’s two super chill songs that give off dope vibes I can’t wait to release it!

Keep up with Koffee by following him on his social media:

Twitter: @kofeeatah

Instagram: @kofiatah

Soundcloud: kofeeatah

special thanks to Kofee Atah 







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