3 reasons why the Nike Yeezys are a greater creation.

The Nike Air Yeezy or the Adidas Yeezy Boost? We investigate which is the superior force in sneaker history.

 By Ben Freeman

As well as his god-like status in the music industry, Kanye West is now also a prominent figure in the fashion industry. It is likely ‘Ye will be remembered by sneaker enthusiasts for his contributions with the Yeezy ranges. In this two-part series, we look at the successes of his sneaker collections with Nike and Adidas; the Nike Air Yeezys and the Adidas Yeezy Boosts.

3. The Nike Yeezys triggered a large amount of the mainstream Kanye West fashion hype. Before his collaboration with Nike, Kanye West, the Louis Vuitton Don, had only worked with high end premium fashion designers. This alienated him from a large proportion of the market that, like many of us, simply doesn’t have Fendi funds. However, when the Nike collaboration was announced, people went crazy – they could finally meet the expense of ‘Ye designed items without having to eat one meal a day for 4 months in order to get the money together. As a result of this affordability in comparison to ‘Ye’s other collection, demand hugely overpowered supply, which saw the re-sell price of the shoes shoot up anyway. Back to one meal a day for 4 months if you didn’t cop these for retail. But that’s beside the point!

Celebrities Attend The Atlanta Hawks Vs The New Jersey Nets Game - December 27, 2011
Hip-hop veteran Jay-Z wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Solar Red”.

2. The Nike air Yeezy 1 is fucking clean. The fact that they have Kanye’s name attached to them means nothing to me in comparison to the fact that the sneakers just look sick. Everything from the lacelocks, to the lace tips, to the glow in the dark sole – the shoe is untouchable design wise. All 3 individual colourways of the Yeezy 1 just seem to have been blended into pieces of sneaker artwork, each withholding their own equilibrium of class and innovative originality. By this I mean that it is so rare for a sneaker design to release in a number of different colourways without their being a weakest link in the line. But with the Nike air Yeezy 1, each colourway is equally as breathtaking.

1. The Nike Air Yeezy franchise will always go down as a classic. Irrelevant of the discontenting, fatal ending of the collection, you cannot dispute its irremovable mark on sneaker history. To many of the 90’s era of sneakerheads, the Nike Yeezys were the first pair of sneakers that were being resold at literally 1000% of the retail price. Another one of our editors, who openly admits preferring the Adidas, put it perfectly – “when they [the Nike Yeezys] dropped, on the rare occasion I did see these in the flesh whilst walking round the city, it was like damn. I didn’t know whether to be in awe of their magnanimity, or just presume the likely truth that they were probably fakes”.  Yeezys Obviously the hype that came with Kanye was partially accountable for this. But 50 cent had worked with Reebok before and his sneakers weren’t being sold for 10X their original price? Hov had both had his own sneaker line but people weren’t being killed for his shoes? So why did the Nike Yeezys retail at £225 (in the UK), but are to this day still being sold for upwards of £2k? The answer’s simple. You can’t deny creative ingenuity when it’s evident.


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